Welcome to Wave Hooks
The revolutionary new way to keep close at hand what’s close to your heart.

wave-hookWave Hooks is a new product created to hold all kinds of household and personal items, using a single hook. This patented product combines 2 suction cups and a universal “wave blade” with a range of hook attachments. Each attachment is designed to hold a different item. Made with high impact plastic and rated to hold up to 6 lbs, Wave Hooks are as durable as they are versatile! Perfect for use anywhere are the house or outdoors. Attaches securely to any smooth, flat surface. Ideal for glass, metal, polished stone or ceramic tile.

The Wave Hooks Wine Holder will hold your glass when you’re busy with other things.
Our popular Wave Hook wine holder will keep your glass of red or white safe and secure while you’re busy relaxing. Use it in the bath or anywhere else you want to prevent spills. Available in a variety of colors.